Wednesday, November 2, 2016

ARK - A Platform for Consumer Adoption

ARK - A Platform for Consumer Adoption

If you have been in the cryptocurrency world for even just a day, you might just be asking where can the users use thier tokens to buy stuff online. There are merchants and online stores that actually accepts coins such as bitcoin. As a matter of fact, large companies like Microsoft accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum token. The rest of the coins which never had been exposed to media are kept undervalued and will most probably die in the end if not adopted.

There are hundreds of crypto coins which each has its own community of supporters and all these coins just circulate around those users themselves and the exchanges that listed them. And so before these coins die, there has something to be done to help the team revive it again. The Crypto community can be harsh at times to the coin developers for they usually considers these devs as scammers when the coin turned dead while the bag holders hope for profit.

ARK is a platform for consumer adoption to which will be the answers to solve all these issues through the SmartBridge helping to expand the features of a coin for its adoption to the community. Thus cryptotraders like me may not have to rely solely to the speculations but will also considers the features and the uses of the token/coin in the market. By providing all these features to the undervalued coins, ARK platform is therefore achieving its objective which is increasing coin's consumer adoption with the focus on fast secure technology and practical services for everyone.

Contrary to what you may think as of now, ARK platform don't provide direct support for side chains or dApp but instead a system that will connect functions together within the ARK network to which we call SmartBridges. Some examples of what was planned are InterPlanetary File Syste m (IPFS), InterPlanetary Database (IPD), InterPlanetary Linked Data and Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) ​to name the few. All these can bridge together useful features allowing communications between blockchains with the ability to perform functions and certain tasks.

If you wanted to know more about ARK, you can visit their announcement thread on or simply go here.

The ARK TEC runs from November 7 to December 11 of 2016.
Check it out here -

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