Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Marketing Bitcoin Related Sites

Cryptocurrency gurus speculates Bitcoin will eventually go mainstream but then few somehow thinks this will take years and years still considering the increase of countries banning BTC. But Can they really ban Bitcoin? No one stops this train.

Notice that marketing a Bitcoin Related Website to which we target common individuals on the internet or even on facebook will just be a waste as it would take time to explain from what bitcoin is than to what the company offers to the public. As of now, merchants accepting bitcoin for payment has limited audiences for their ads and so gambling sites and some ecommerce stick to bitcoin related sites for the exposure to their potential customers such as

People only have less than a minute of focus viewing an ad so you better keep it interesting for everyone reading or viewing the ad. Most of the time, an individual just click x when they're prompt with something they'd have no interest nor know nothing about. But with creative advertising, your site would be known.

To be able to advertise a bitcoin related website effectively, we'd have to specifically target people who could possibly be interested to bitcoin and the way to identify them is to also stick to the bitcoin community particularly on, the reddit bitcoin group, facebook bitcoin groups and to some other groups on linkedin and elsewhere. These are the kind of people who might just be interested what the bitcoin related website has to offer, they are people mostly online the entire day and people who also earns and wants to earn money online.

Who are they? Webmasters who trade stuff online and most of them if not all spend time on reading SEO update and affiliate marketing, they sure have time reading just about anything that that has been published. Ecommerce website owners would be delighted if they learn about how bitcoin works as payment option and can possibly invest to it, gamblers and FOREX traders, they're just the few.

My advertising Services is cheaper than you can imagine. Hiring a SEO or an adword specialist is way expensive now that the competition is getting tough. I'm an adnetwork marketing manager myself and marketing a bitcoin gambling site won't work much as of on google adwords because of their policy. It's best to stick with social media marketing, bitcoin adnetwork and to site where bitcoin users are.