Sunday, January 3, 2016

What is Bitcoin?

While we are busy doing the webmaster stuff, one of the busiest online community in the world which has its own economy is also populating the world wide web with gambling websites. Now you may think this isn't for you because of the world "gambling" but hey, they are spending bitcoin.

What in the world is Bitcoin? Just so you know 1 Bitcoin is currently worth $400+ and if that doesn't spark interest to you, I'm not sure what you want in life. These days, China is up to bitcoin already and had been waking Sichuan spirits to mine bitcoins. But what the hell is Bitcoin? Its easier to know if you just googled it though as I can stray elsewhere explaining this stuff to you. But to make it short, its an online money to which people and merchants start accepting it for real goods and services in fact bitcoin's value was once worth $1200.

What makes bitcoin new and interesting is that users can do transactions anonymously without central authority such as bank, company, government or any other between them. This is one of the reason why during its start, criminals are the first to use it through the deep web. but later, legitimate organization uses bitcoin to accept donations such as which is very known to us webmaster, particularly for the SEO guys. Today, people from financial unstable countries use bitcoin as a way to store their money.

Its value kept growing that it attracted governments to which today some countries ban bitcoin. But then of course, they'd have to ban internet to stop the people from using it. And yes, BITCOIN will live forever.

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