Wednesday, June 1, 2016


How to obtain some Bitcoin While you can actually buy bitcoin on exchange sites which will require your creditcards details, you do have the chance to earn bitcoin by doing simple assignments. Its simple as ABC but what you first need is to acquire a bitcoin address, this is kind of an email address to which you can send and receive. Having a bitcoin address will eventually let you send and receive bitcoin. Bitcoin addresses usually looks like this: 13jkmw8cPCsVag4kFntcwN2WRgDmbNwZ6Q And you can acquire Bitcoin address by registering to exchange sites or simply create a wallet on Note: it is important to keep Main Password Mnemonic as thru it, you can recover password of your bitcoin address in case you forget it. Now here are simple ways to earn bitcoin: I don't wanna teach you about captcha work which you definitely not like. But I'm showing you a place where bitcoin enthusiast discuss just about anything related bitcoin. And this particular section of the forum is where we focus the most.

a) Forum Signature Campaign: Employers will require you to put an ad code in your profile signature, and get paid per post in bitcoin. LIST OF CAMPAIGNS: What a campaign participants do is just participate in the forum and you get to earn bitcoin per quality post.

b) Translator: A cryptocurrency or what they call ALTcoin team, will pay you translation service to people who want things translated from English to other languages. Most of the employers in this section wants to reach out other countries wants translation of their text.

c) Article writer: There are many news websites that want journalists to write articles about. There are blog sites that offer for article writers, this however needs you to be very knowledgeable about cryptocurrency. Site like cointelegraph hires writers.

d) Blogger/Website: This is pretty straight forward, you make your own blog/website and write about stuff of anything you like, put ads on the site and earn bitcoin thru the website traffic.

This is just very few but definitely the easiest to do. I recommend Forum signature campaign as you get to learn about bitcoin. Joining signature campaign however will require your account to be old enough such as Full Member. NOT TO WORRY, you can buy accounts in this forum as well because they allow it. In fact there are hardcore users who kept creating accounts just to sell them. There are lot more ways to earn bitcoin which definitely needs skills such as trading altcoin, this is sort of a currency trading. You'll learn this when you're in the forum for awhile because of the Initial coin offering threads but then still you need to earn bitcoin still. If you just want to acquire bitcoin for specific purpose such as for paying to a company that prefers to accept bitcoin, just buy some bitcoin instead.