Friday, November 11, 2016

Komodo Perks Zcash derived goldmine

Zcash vs Bitcoin

Zcash is a privacy- centric cryptocurrency. The purpose of making Zcash was to introduce zero knowledge, hence untraceable transactions in the world of cryptocurrency. It tends to set new standards of anonymity and privacy by employing a zero- knowledge scheme which can make sure untraceable transactions.

Some people have misconceptions regarding Bitcoin as an anonymous cryptocurrency. However, in reality, bitcoin is pseudonymous cryptocurrency every transaction done by using bitcoin is recorded on the blockchain. Thus, when you use Bitcoin, then sender, amount as well as the receiver information is being recorded.

Zk-SNARK is a zero-knowledge proof construction which is used by Zcash and Komodo brings you with the zero- knowledge anonymous Zcash technology which is not only untraceable but also comes with NXT style PoS security.

Creation of Komodo
As mentioned already that Zcash brought forth the concept of untraceable zero knowledge transactions. The cryptocurrency technology is safe and anonymous. Further betterment in technology was introduced to make it more secure and anonymous and hence, Komodo came into being.

Komodo perks
Komodo is expected to be a highly beneficial platform. It aims to take cryptocurrency anonymity and security to the next level. It is protected by the Zcash Zero knowledge proofs and thus, the users can be sure of 100% anonymous and untraceable transactions. Since the creation of Zcash, the anonymous cryptocurrency technology was worth thousands of dollars and since, Komodo is created on the same code, it is expected to make its mark in the industry as well. Komodo will bring you not only the untraceable zero anonymous Zcash technology but also

• Bitshares inspired Witness based consensus system
• NXT style PoS security
• Reliability and security of the Proof of work Bitcoin Blockchain; it is an experimented and proven system kept by the thousands of nodes.

dPoW Consensus method
Just like the Zcash, Komodo is just a PoW coin whereas, the difference is only that dPoW consensus method is at the top of it. Now, Komodo becomes exactly the same efficient as a PoS blockchain because of the notary nodes, dPoW consensus and the round robin mining.

The bitcoin transaction is made by the notary nodes that also contains the block hash of Komodo. Doing this, the block hash gets saved in the blockchain of Bitcoin. Records regarding the history of Komodo blockchain are kept in the block hash. Therefore, the Komodo block chain history cannot be modified without modifying the bitcoin blockchain history.

This is the delayed proof of work (dPoW) consensus method.
The dPoW (Delayed proof of Work) consensus method is being employed in the Komodo platform which will enable exporting information in the Bitcoin Blockchain via custom transactions. Komodo is able to alleviate all the attack vectors by simply authenticating Komodo blocks in Bitcoin blockchain. The mechanism also recycles the hashrate of Bitcoin which makes it more efficient. The computational power of Komodo is given by this dPoW consensus method which secures its blockchain and ultimately, creates two security layers for the users.
So, overall the dPoW will help in
• Increasing the security and privacy of Komodo • The third party blockchains can also get an additional security layer by using Komodo • Komodo coin holders will elect 64 notary nodes which handle the notarization of bitcoin blockchain.

Custom transactions by Z-cash anonymity technology
While using Komodo, the users are able to choose two types of transactions; either normal or anonymous. If the user chooses anonymous transactions, then there will be zero knowledge proofs and they will be encrypted in the blockchain. This means that nobody is going to find out the details regarding the transaction, neither the name of the receiver or sender and nor the value of transaction. Otherwise, they can also choose the normal transaction method which will include the full blockchain disclosure.

The consensus on the Bitshares Witness Style
The responsibility of authenticating Komodo blocks in the Bitcoin blockchain goes towards the witness based notary nodes. Voting mechanism is used in order to decide the notary nodes and the notary nodes are also rewarded with transaction fees and block reward.

Marketing the Komodo project
Komodo will be used by third part blockchains in order to increase the security level of Bitcoin. They can use Komodo and pay tx fees. Moreover, they can also choose to have notary codes of a high capacity.

Initial Coin offering period is going to be hosted for a short period of time in order to market and develop the Komodo project. In the initial coin offering period, the users will be able to buy Komodo tokens for Bitcoins. The maximum number of funds that is permissible for collection in ICO is 30,000 bitcoins. The initial supply of Komodo will consist of a hundred million coins from which, 90% will be sold in the duration of crowdfunding period. The rest of the 10% will be used for the advisors, bounty campaign and development.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

ARK - A Platform for Consumer Adoption

ARK - A Platform for Consumer Adoption

If you have been in the cryptocurrency world for even just a day, you might just be asking where can the users use thier tokens to buy stuff online. There are merchants and online stores that actually accepts coins such as bitcoin. As a matter of fact, large companies like Microsoft accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum token. The rest of the coins which never had been exposed to media are kept undervalued and will most probably die in the end if not adopted.

There are hundreds of crypto coins which each has its own community of supporters and all these coins just circulate around those users themselves and the exchanges that listed them. And so before these coins die, there has something to be done to help the team revive it again. The Crypto community can be harsh at times to the coin developers for they usually considers these devs as scammers when the coin turned dead while the bag holders hope for profit.

ARK is a platform for consumer adoption to which will be the answers to solve all these issues through the SmartBridge helping to expand the features of a coin for its adoption to the community. Thus cryptotraders like me may not have to rely solely to the speculations but will also considers the features and the uses of the token/coin in the market. By providing all these features to the undervalued coins, ARK platform is therefore achieving its objective which is increasing coin's consumer adoption with the focus on fast secure technology and practical services for everyone.

Contrary to what you may think as of now, ARK platform don't provide direct support for side chains or dApp but instead a system that will connect functions together within the ARK network to which we call SmartBridges. Some examples of what was planned are InterPlanetary File Syste m (IPFS), InterPlanetary Database (IPD), InterPlanetary Linked Data and Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) ​to name the few. All these can bridge together useful features allowing communications between blockchains with the ability to perform functions and certain tasks.

If you wanted to know more about ARK, you can visit their announcement thread on or simply go here.

The ARK TEC runs from November 7 to December 11 of 2016.
Check it out here -