Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Shadow Project - An open source project aiming to be the core of privacy

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Since Bitcoin was introduced to the online community, it helped enthusiast who are very much concerned of their privacy particularly but not limited to the criminals to make transactions freely over the internet without even sending their information to people they are transacting with. Online anonymity is key to saving yourself from identity theft. The bulb over my head started to blink rapidly when I first tried using bitcoin as well. But shut it out because just when the crypto technology had help the drug market online become busy, people got arrested because law enforcers infact found out its not that safe as what criminals thought. A lot of them were arrested from selling drugs, extorting and money laundering, they were put behind bars already. And the worse thing about being caught using bitcoin with their criminal activities is that they are also exposing the whole list of transactions being made from the past due to the online ledger. This will lead authorities not just to the people involve but also to the loved ones which they have taught about bitcoin. This is just one of the drawback of using Bitcoin. NOT that I'm one of the criminals but then I'm a privacy advocate and the governments have stupid laws and so people like me likes to break.

Anyway, Shadow Project was developed to solve all these privacy issues for us. All though there are few coins which has established themselves to have offered privacy and untraceable feature as an alternative for Bitcoin, ShadowCash (SDC) introduces a much higher level of privacy and anonymity and its unlinkable. The Shadow Project is building an encrypted digital ecosystem to which a user can send to SDC to a Stealth Address and wraps it with the non-interactive zero knowledege proofs (NIZKPs) to unlink both parties to their identities. Now, this Non-interactive Zero Knowledge Proofs (NIZKPs) will help prevent the transactions not to be visible by anyone through ring signature. This is how ShadowCash works if you intend to know more about it. Check thier official thread too so you know how huge the community that supports it. Click here.

Why is there the need for us to give importance to our privacy online?

Whether you are a privacy advocate, a criminal hiding behind a bitcoin address or simply just an online user who is somehow trying to buy something from an eCommerce site such as amazon, you will definitely need to protect yourself from identity theft as they are very common these days. You wouldn't want to see yourself on the web pages being accused of scamming due to your identity being known to the public. Bear in mind that an email address registered to a website is already an identity given freely. While we recommend using just a throwaway email address, we certainly recommend using ShadowCash for your transactions. Sooner SDC project will launch an ecommerce site for which we could use to buy stuff online. Get yourself some SDC now, invest and expect profit in the future. Remember, it would be hard to defend yourself when you are already being judged and bashed by victims you didn't really have any contact with.

Scammers are also smart individuals and can create details to make people buy what they are saying. Whats worries some is that they now started to fake linkedin profiles to scam people online and it can be a nightmare if they use your information to scam. If you are aware of some Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in forum, you'll realize that programmers themselves are victims of identity theft.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

ICONOMI Fund Management Platform - ICO CROWDSALE

ICONOMI Fund Management Platform is one of the most awaited in the crypto world as of now not just because of how the platform can be used by the investors from different market. People who use to trade on stock market are finding it hard to make profitable shares in the market for it has become real stagnant market which means the market has little activity as compare to the crypto currency market.

It's somehow easy for the cryptocurency traders to profit in the crypto market and its less risky because the margin call isn't part of their platform, but it isn't easy for the people who are new to the market. If you are from STOCK and FOREX market who are likely interested to get into the crypto market, it can somehow be hard. Not just because of the technical stuff being used but the exchange sites don't have any indicators to be used like what Stock and FOREX platform has. Mind you, cryptocurrency trading works with browser base platform in the form of exchange sites like and to which the tools and indicators are not like what is on metatrader software. but development team of these crypto coins are the only source of news and updates to foresee what the market of these cryptocoins will do in the next few days.

Those mentioned exchange sites above are two of the most popular by the way and you may try registering to both and check how pretty scary for a newbie in this market to trade because of how unknown the the pairs for traders from FOREX and STOCK market. One would have to learn what Monero (XMR) is in the BTC/XMR pair and why there is the demand for XMR. Not to mention ETH, WAVES, LISK, SDC and rest that needs to be examined before getting into before trading.

The very good thing though is that you as a trader need not have learn all these hassles to get into crypto currency trading because of the new blockhain technology which new traders are waiting for, ICONOMI Fund Management Platform will do it for you. ICONOMI project is yet to be developed and everyone is invited to join the initial coin offering to which you can invest some funds. This funds will be returned back to you as ICONOMI INVESTMENT FUNDS and ICONOMI OPEN FUND MANAGEMENT (OFM) PLATFORM to which will have same value. The know more of these please refer to the ICONOMI facts.

For those who also wants to invest to the project. I am inviting you all to the crowdsale.

ICONOMI provides an opportunity for investors looking for high profits, not possible in the old economy. With newly developed financial instruments, ICONOMI will drive new investors and fresh capital into decentralised economy.

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