Monday, August 15, 2016

ARK: An Ethereum Based DAO

Crypto currency traders usually watch coming ICOs from and some similar sites for it helps them sees which coins are coming in the market and which of them has the potential to which they may invest their money. There is no better way to prepare for the future and earn profit than foreseeing what is laid in the future and seeing which is coming. ARK is introducing you the way to see new coins coming in the market, they'd be listing all the information regarding them from marketcap, total supply and whether you can mine them or not. The list will keep users particularly traders to see which coin can be a potential scam coin.

ARK one of its own. Its an open database and more like a list able to keep detailed information you can refer to. It is also the first Collaborative Market, The Proof Of Concept for any future Collaborative Market.

Difference of conventional selling platforms vs. collaborative markets

And what the hell is COLLABORATIVE MARKET, You say?
No one is going to be left behind in such market. Its going to be a fair trade for all whereas a large corporation may give power to a single entity, a collaborative market is a group of microeconomical actors joining together to offer a service to the public, all ruled by a trustless smart contract. You as an investors own bots which can have greater value just even when a developer enlist thier coin. Whats surprising is that these bots can be mined.

Why should you join the collaborative market?
ARK can unify us all when it comes to protecting everyone for users not to get scammed by shitcoins. This is for us all and help each other, in fact the community including you are encourage to moderate and censor the database.

If you wanna learn more about ARK, check the ARK FAQ.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Antshares-Digital Asssets for Everyone

A lot of users in the world of cryptocurrencies are trying to find their fortune by investing to some coins hoping is value is going to skyrocket in the future. The rest of them must already have profited hundreds of thousands of dollars just after few weeks when they decide to invest on Ethereum Classics (ETC), this is because each ETC is now more than $2.50. But before it, there's also ETH which was also worth just cents yet now its worth more than $10. If you have bought 10K of ETH since the start of its development, you might as well just be sitting on a goldmine.

If you're one of the people who also wants to find a goldmine, the answer isn't to blast a mountain with explosives but to invest to one the promising token that's going to skyrocket in the future. This is your chance to win your fortune and invest your way up. Antshares is currently under developed and still in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) stage to which an individual like you can buy each of this token for less than a dollar.

Initial Coin offering is like crowdfunding to which we get to put our money to the start up company for them to develop a technology and for that we get to have investment to this company. It is almost like how stock market works, we invest to a company in hopes that the company is going to be profitable in the future.

The crowdfund started last August 8 - September 7 , 2016 and right now as I write this article it had generated about $2,000,000 worth of Bitcoin. People are speculating that it could go up to 16Million by September 2016. The value of each token will then be determined after the funding. And by the way, if you invested and thought of taking back your money for you may want to use it somewhere else, you can send a refund request and they shall send it back.

Antshares' Whitepaper says:
Antshares is a decentralized and distributed ledger protocol that digitalizes real-world assets into digital ones, enabling registration, depository, transfer, trading, clearing and settlement via a peer-to-peer network.

Antshares keeps records of the transfers of digital assets with e-contracts. In Antshares, digital tokens generated by e-contracts function as general underlying data and could be used for recording titles and assets like equities, creditor’s claims, securities, financial contracts, credit points, bills and currencies, and could be applied for areas like equity crowdfunding, equity trading, employee stock ownership plans, peer-to-peer financing, loyalty programs, private equity funds, and supply-chain financing, etc.

I know these stuff don't even mean a thing for anyone who isn't into digital money. But let me clear things up for you. Basically, it all means that Antshare which has a total sum of 100Million tokens to which will be be distributed to investors like you can be use to buy anything with values and that it can be traded online using their platform. They will be using the onchain technology that records all transactions which both parties, the sender and recipient of these tokens can agree to digitize assets/properties through e-contracts. This pretty much helpful when doing transactions online such as buying a very valuable assets from someone while both parties can hide their identity to the public.

Just so you know, the developers of this project are Chinese programmers. This should help you decide whether to invest in this token because be the time they are done developing the platform, you'll find their github here and anyone can check their codes. The Chinese which can be found all over the world may all be using the platform later and mind you, the population of Chinese world wide is more than 1 Billion. Just imagine how this project could turn out in the future. So Good luck to us all.

If you wanted to know all the details about Antshares, try going here.
Thanks for reading my blog post about ANTSHARE. If you feel being generous about owning thousands of it, please consider sending some for me.

My ANTSHARE address is: AUBC8FrczuxdKZSSGaVsf5bnatTPg8fm5o

Thanks a lot.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Take Profit on Binary Option Trading - Earn Bitcoin Method.

If you are into crypto currency trading, you might as well try Binary Option. Don't worry if you don't know how to do it. I will be giving you a way to better earn with the help of my tutorial. This is a simple analysis, you don't need to be an economist to learn all these. In fact it is better not to learn all these because you'd over analyze it if you do.

Day Traders has this thing we call "paralysis by analysis" to which a trader just can't decide whether he go short or long all because he sees all possibilities that the trend will go against his position in the market. Bitcoin users like you are lucky enough to have binary option trading because you don't need to register and submit documents to the brokers as compare to FOREX traders. All you need is an email and your bitcoin.

Anyway, lets just move on and learn quickly how to play binary trading with bitcoin. First things first, in order to win you will have to decide whether the market is going to go up or down. Lets say you bet that the market of BTC/USD is going up within the 5 minute time frame, so you hit UP button and waited. If indeed that BTC goes up over USD, then you get to win the 180% bet. What does 180% mean? so this is it. if you just bet $1 worth of BTC and you won, you'll receive $1.80, got it? If you bet $10 worth of BTC, its going to be $18.

Now, in order for us to forecast whether the market goes UP or DOWN, we need to also learn how to read the chart. This is important, in fact the most important thing you would like to learn is to know the future. Having the right information ahead of time is exactly what you need to have. its somewhat like cryptotrading, the news is very important that you would have to subscribe the developers newsletter.

I'm making this pretty straight forward though so you learn this quick. One thing that you need to install to have the information ahead of time is the metatrader, download it from or, they are Forex Brokers. Its free so no need to worry and its going to look like the one you see below once you're done installing it.

You can see that I've picked 1Hour time frame, that means those vertical green and red candlesticks has worth 1 hour of information. if you click the other time frame like 15minute, that means every candle sticks has 15 minutes worth of information. The above set up with moving averages (MAs) and RSI indicator applies to 1Hour time frame and here are its settings.

5 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) is YELLOW
10 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) is RED
RSI indicator (10 - Apply to Median Price: HL/2) -- One level at 50.

To add moving average you click > Insert > Indicators > Trend > Moving average. To add Relative Strength Indec or RSI, click Insert > Oscillator > Relative Strength Index and then you set up these parameters (10 - Apply to Median Price: HL/2) -- One level at 50.

Now, here is how to bet on binary option:
Bet UP if the Yellow 5 EMA crosses the RED EMA from underneath.
Make sure that the RSI is also be approaching 50 from the BOTTOM or had crossed 50.

Bet DOWN if the Yellow 5 EMA crosses the Red EMA from the top.
Before doing so also make sure that the RSI must be approaching 50 from the TOP or had crossed 50.

But this is for the 1Hour Time Frame, and we don't have this on, the only they have is 30minutes and 720 minutes, but this applies to them as well if you do it on EUR/USD on 30 minute time frame of
Now, I just need to emphasize this to you that in the pair BTC/USD, BTC is the base currency and on EUR/USD its the EUR.

Its not safe to say that BTC/USD chart is also on bull trend if the metatrader chart of EUR/USD is on bull trend. So be careful, if possible just bet when the chart is obvious like how its been demonstrated here. You might assume because the USD is going down and so BTC and EUR's value goes up as well. if you find yourself betting which you wonder why you suddenly did it, then you probably have not waited the obvious trend. Too late though because binary option doesn't let you get out of the position unlike when you do it on FOREX trading.

Yet of course we want the process to speed up. so why don't we play binary on 15 minute time frame? This should give us more bets daily. So here is another method, its almost similar but different. We are still on the EUR/USD pair this is because this is the safest pair.
You could have bet by 9:00 as its obviously going up. So here's how you set it up for your moving averages and RSI. Its almost the same thing you did on the 1HR time frame. To be able to create another chart, click File > New Chart > EURUSD.
Once the chart prompts, you can then change things by going to its properties like colors and candlesticks.
1. 5 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) applied to close (Yellow) 2. 12 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) applied to close (RED) 3. RSI with 14 and level 50.

Keep in mind that you need to double check that you are on 5minute time frame of or on before betting. by the way needs hard drive wallet, multibit and electrum words good for them while only needs users to deposit btc to them which is usually great for it doesn't waste much extra seconds when you bet. Mind you their difference matters really, you'd prefer when your computer doesn't have good hardware specification.
Anyway, here's how to bet it: Click the UP button when 5 EMA crosses 12 EMA upside while RSI also crosses above level 50.
Click Down button when 5 EMA crosses 12 EMA down and the RSI also crosses down level 50.
So there it is!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Coins You'd Likely Want To Trade

Pumped coins are coins you don't wanna hold over night but there are coins that you wanna hold for over a year to see how it could turn out when its development matures. So how do you know which of the crypto currencies are these?

Most likely they are revolutionary which can potentially grow and will have more value in the future. Its like investing to stock market companies which you get to learn to spot which of them can potentially make you money. Some of traders may chose to pick those insurance and mining companies while some chose the start up companies who are creating apps for mobile and the rest can randomly see potentials on existing large companies such as google and Microsoft.

Crypto Trading almost works like Penny Stocks Trading. You only need to watch stocks worth a penny, maybe less than $0.30 and wait for the right time to exit your position. You can check which stock exchange is being pumped and dumped on some sites like and

If coins are being pumped and dumped as well on crypto trading, you should also notice them on exchange sites themselves and here They are pretty straight forward because its more transparent than stock exchange. You will see that lists everything about the coin from where its announced down to its marketcap, volume and price charts. Through these information you will have a better idea which of these coins are a lot popular than the rest. but to trade safely though, you'd rather stick to those coins with higher volume. You may wanna start from the first 10 coins on, wait for any of them that recently drop and then buy just few to test.

One of the coins you'd likely see in the future to almost go mainstream would be WAVES. These are just my prediction though, so don't quote me on these but most probably because, its innovative and useful in the future for traders and they don't yet have any clones unlike Lisk and RISE. These two can be worth trading still but they are both clones.

Another coin is Xaurum (XAUR), its much different than XAURUM(XAU) so be careful, one dev team but different coin as XAUR is the RICO or the Rebirth. Still backed by Gold, information about the coin is here.

Another interesting coin is the Antshares - Digital Assets of Chinese Developers. This coin will likely be valuable. There are already hundreds of investors to it, you may wanna join the fun too. If you have just few BTC, maybe worth $50 is enough for you to play around. Its always good to see yourself involve on the first exchange site release of the coin for its going to be heavily traded so you won't struggle to wait whether its going to go up later. You can dump right after its released and the buy back to wait for it to go up once again.

Anyway, trade with caution.